Trendy Summertime Knits (Crochet too!)

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It is time to whip out those flip flops and gorgeous floppy hats. I occasionally hear fellow crafters say that fall and winter are the only time of year they knit and/or crochet.

Wait, What?!

Yarn arts are something I enjoy doing all year around, so I wanted to share a few patterns here that you can make this summer and also enjoy!
Also, one of my biggest frustrations when looking at pages like this is that sometimes you don’t know if the pattern you are looking at is crochet or knit, I have lovingly labeled these for you.
Knit not for you? Jump to Crochet.

Juliet Sleeveless Sweater

Juliet Sleeveless Sweater (knit)


Constance Sleeveless Top

Constance Sleeveless Top (knit)


Silver Moon Shrug (knit)


Shrug This (knit)

At the Barre Shrug (crochet)


Kerry Shrug (crochet)

Sweet Summertime Hooded Vest (crochet)

My Favorite Summer Top



Alright guys! That’s it from me for now. Enjoy these patterns and stay cool!


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